Digital Advertising Awards

Advertising or Marketing on Mobile
Any original, creative and acclaimed mobile marketing campaign executed via the medium of text or multimedia messaging, in-app advertising, branding, barcodes, QR codes or any other mobile platform based property with/without cohesion with social media that helped achieve success and recognition.

Display Campaign
Any campaign which emphasized the use of digital banners, buttons, pop-ups, videos or any other form of web display to promote an idea, concept, product, service, offer, etc. and helped the campaigner in achieving the desired targets.

Search Marketing Campaign
Any paid form of search campaign which aimed at using search engine/engines for promotion of a product, service or event or for any other marketing activity and achieved great results in terms of number of clicks, visits, registrations and/or transactions. 

Viral Marketing Campaign
Any advertising and/or marketing phenomenon that was executed via the message format of text, graphic, video or any interactive activity that achieved the facilitation and encouragement of sharing and/or tagging of the message amongst the masses at large over web, mobile, social media or any other form of digital forum thereby succeeding in influencing the behaviour, perception or likeability towards the idea, product or service. 

Email Marketing Campaign
Any campaign that utilized direct marketing as a tool via electronic mail to broadcast, propagate, circulate or disseminate a message and effectively fulfilled the objective of promotion, advertising, buzz-creation or publicity amongst the relevant target group. 

Social Media Marketing Campaign
Any creative and innovative activity performed which exemplifies efficient use of online social media viz. websites, applications, APIs, plug-ins, etc. in the holistic sense as ancillary to an advertising or a marketing campaign.

Digital Integrated Campaign
Any comprehensive Integrated Media Plan which was executed over either all web based forums or all mobile based platforms in cohesion. All the entries must include media buys and placement over the entire gamut of digital media utilized.

Execution of Performance Campaign
Any campaign based on measurable results which was publisher/network/agency led and devised, created and delivered either completely internally or through a collaboration of parties that enabled them successfully manage expectations whilst adding incremental or innovative sales value thereby achieving goals.

Omni-channel Campaign Management & Marketing Automation
Any brand that runs integrated marketing campaigns across multi channels through effective marketing automation successfully and engages a wide audience through its widespread media will be eligible to be entered into this category.

Content Marketing Awards

Digital Branded Content
Any content like audio, video, text or content that is pictorial in nature that is created to promote a brand on digital platforms like social media, blogs, podcasts etc. If a single platform is used or even if a combination of these platforms is used, the brand, clients are eligible.

Best Use of Real-Time Streaming Video
If a brand uses real time streaming to effectively market itself and the content that it wishes to promote through any media accessible, it will be eligible to be a part of this category.

Best User-Generated Content
Any content that has originated from a user such as a blog, a chat, a tweet, a video, or a podcast etc and is recognized as first-rate for a brand will be eligible for this category.

Most Innovative Use of Content
A brand that has the most creative, innovative and unorthodox method of using their content to drive its marketing endeavour will be eligible for this category.

Best use of mobile for content marketing
Any brand that willfully creates and uses high quality content specifically for mobile as a medium to promote its products and/or services will be eligible for this category of awards. Games, apps etc are also applicable to be entered.

Website Awards

E-commerce website by a Retail Brand
Any All website and web portals dealing with online commerce, trade and exchange vis-à-vis the retail sale of any product or service or a range of products and services across several categories other than Travel and consolidates this operation with a delivery service to the customers in case of tangible products.

E-commerce website in a Specialised Category
Any website or web-portal which provides the consumers the facility of online commerce, trade and exchange vis-à-vis the retail sale and/or booking of any product or service or a range of products and services exclusively in a particular specialized niche category. All classified websites also qualify for this sub-category.

Local language
Any website/web-portal designed with the objective of providing specific service(s) or information in any of the languages scheduled under the Indian local languages by the Constitution of India.

News content
Any website/web-portal/webpage/social media forum especially dedicated to the service of providing consumers with online news content and updates in a plenary, convenient and transparent manner.

Any website/web-portal/webpage/social media forum dedicated to offering travel services, arrangement facilities and information. These include online agents for purchasing tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages, online travel agents, online travel guides, travel writings, travel tools and other travel services.

Any website/web-portal/webpage/social media forum providing financial services and/or information. These include online stock trading, financial news, mortgage information, online banking, bill paying services or other consumer related financial services.

Any website/web-portal/webpage/social media forum providing educational courses and/or information regarding course material, study material, online training, education related information, and others.

Brand/Product Websites
Any website/web-portal/webpage providing information regarding a brand/product/service and/or promoting a brand / product/service. These could include features, review, and information of any type of consumer brand/product/service.


Mobile Awards

Consumer Mobile Service
Any remarkable service which provides facilities pertaining to utility and/or entertainment needs of the users including graphics, information, assistance, open-source data, music, video, social media, m-commerce, messaging, mailing, data-storing, GPS/location tracking and etc through cross-platform forums, mobile-based browsers, applications and/or portals.

Enterprise Product or Service
Any state-of-the-art mobile tool designed and dedicated to the purpose of helping and supporting users from corporations or enterprises to work smarter and do business better on the move by providing efficient tools, mechanics, services, products and/or information relevant to the domain.

Innovative Mobile App
Any pre-emptive and innovative mobile App designed with the idea of serving the consumer or enterprise users in order to meticulously cater to a need that hasn't been previously addressed by any other mobile application or portal.

Mobile Game
Any interactive mobile application which engaged a large number of users with an entertaining and innovative gaming concept.

Payment Awards

Prepaid Card / Product
This award seeks to acknowledge the best prepaid card instrument for public or enterprise use, i.e. both B2B & B2C products including Pre-paid payment cards, gift cards, meal coupons & cards, incentive cards, loyalty card, travel cards and co-branded prepaid cards.

Any state-of-the-art mobile tool designed and dedicated to the purpose of helping and supporting users from corporations or enterprises to work smarter and do business better on the move by providing efficient tools, mechanics, services, products and/or information relevant to the domain. Any electronic device, system or software that is the electronic equivalent of a wallet for commercial transactions online and/or on mobile is eligible for entry for this award.

Digital Payment Facilitator
All payment gateways, payment processors and merchant account providers which have facilitated the process of fast and secure digital payments for goods and services are eligible for application in this sub-category.

Mobile Payment Product or Service
Any mobile payment product or service that renders cashless offerings, provisions and packages for mobile ticketing, billing, banking, credit and payment services, financial inclusion, etc., and has been built with the objective of providing convenience and security to the users in terms of financial transactions is eligible for application in this sub- category.

Money Transfer Programme
All online and mobile based money transfer programmes whether domestic or international which provides easy, fast and secure money transfer are eligible for making entry to contest for this award.

Payment Technology/Solution provider
This award will recognize a technology/payment solution provider who has excelled in its field, implementing innovative cards or payments technology or payments solution into organizations during the past year and has led to an improvement in the overall efficiency of a company's operations

Digital Social and Economic Empowerment Award

Best use of Mobile for social and economic development
Best mobile initiatives, programmes, products and services that have had a tangible effect in bridging the digital divide at an affordable cost.

Best use of Internet for social and economic development
Best web initiatives, programmes, products and service that have had a tangible effect in bridging the digital divide at an affordable cost.

Note : The rates applicable for this category would be INR 1000 for both members and non-members.

Start-up Awards

Best Investor
Recognizing an investor who has identified potential winners. The startups, backed by the investor, should have demonstrated good growth.

Innovative Cap
Recognizing innovations which should be an original idea that is core to the business or one that provides the differentiation that sets it apart from competition. The growth numbers will speak a lot along with the idea.

Campus Heroes
Recognizing a Campus initiated startup that will be judged on idea & execution. Some level of validation either through investors or customers is mandatory. (College projects don't qualify).

Bootstrap Winner
Recognizing the start-up that has demonstrated the ability to win customers and earn revenue without having raised outside funds. It should possess the potential to scale into a large enterprise.

Woman Entrepreneur
Recognizing Woman Power by rewarding the startup launched and led by a woman that competes and wins against the best in the business.

Bounced Back
Recognizing the survivors start-ups. Reward will be given to an entrepreneur who has bounced back to rebuild or launch a successful business.

Social Start-up
Recognizing startup that best represents blend of profits and public good.


Special Awards

Digital Agency of the Year
The objective of this category is to give award to an Agency which scores more than the rest of its competition based on the average score (in percentage), quality of entries and number of entries (Quantum of work done) across all categories mentioned above.

Digital Start up of the year [Company]
This category seeks to award a company pertaining to the arena of Internet or Mobile that was started or incorporated on or after 01 October, 2013 and has demonstrated commendable growth in its operations at a brisk pace and promises to make it big in the industry in near future.

Digital Person of the year
The apex individual title, it looks forward to awarding a person who has made an outstanding contribution for the promotion of Internet and/or mobile services in India through any endeavor or work of his company, government department or NGO in the form of any executed project or application that rendered significant developments in the digital domain in terms of reach, accessibility, convenience and acceptance with proven results.

Note : There is no entry fee for this category


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